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With over 20 years of expertise, Rich Law is here to guide you through Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and bankruptcy litigation. Whether you’re exploring debt resolution or seeking alternatives to bankruptcy, trust Rich Law for reliable debt solutions. Reach out today and reclaim your financial future.

Rich Pecoraro

Rich Pecoraro Richmond Bankruptcy Attorney

Richard C. Pecoraro (“Rich”) focuses his practice on the representation of individuals and small businesses in Bankruptcy, non-Bankruptcy workouts and other financial advising. He has over 20 years in Bankruptcy, Debt Resolution and Foreclosure assistance.

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Debt Resolution Testimonials


Rich is the exception to the rule. Him and his team are rare, and were simply the best. There was no judging, with lots of compassion. While I was in so much despair and had so much anxiety and tears, they, honestly, made me feel like I was family and everything was going to be okay. Aside from them as a business, I will always remember and cherish them for their empathy/kindness... I can't thank them enough or say enough words to truly express how they made me feel. And yes, he does know the law concerning the issues.


Super attentive and sensitive to a clients needs. His mastery of chapter 13 and 7 is unmatched by other attorneys specializing in this field... Without a doubt, when the pressure is on and a solution is required NOW, he is there even in the darkest hour! I highly recommend him for a 5 star solution to your situation.


Bankruptcy can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Mr. Pecoraro has made the process rather simple for me. He thoroughly explained the bankruptcy process, and he reviewed the best options for my situation. Throughout this process, he has kept me informed of the status of my case. Mr. Pecoraro and his team have also been very responsive. My phone calls and email are always returned on the same day. Finally, Mr. Pecoraro and his team are kind, which is important to me. No one wants to deal with rude people when they are going through this process.