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Richmond Bankruptcy Attorney

Far too often, people wait, praying things will get better. They worry, stress and lose sleep over how to manage their debt. It affects EVERY aspect of their lives.

We know the first step is the hardest. So, our consultations are painless and FREE. We offer emergency appointments and compassionate service.

Rich Pecoraro brings the best of all worlds – big firm experience with the personal attention of a small firm.

Rich has extensive experience helping people resolve their debts to get a fresh start in life. He began his career as a bankruptcy lawyer with Boleman Law, where he practiced for 4 years. He then formed the bankruptcy law firm, Chandler Pecoraro, PLC, where he was a partner for over 10 years. He continues his passion for helping people as the owner of Rich Law Debt Solutions.

If you live in Richmond or Chesterfield and are considering filing for bankruptcy, looking for bankruptcy alternatives, or just struggling financially, contact us today.

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"Rich is the exception to the rule. There was no judging, with lots of compassion. While I was in so much despair and had so much anxiety and tears, they, honestly, made me feel like I was family and everything was going to be ok. Aside from them as a business, I will always remember and cherish them for their empathy/kindness...I can't thank them enough or say enough words to truly express how they made me feel. And yes, he does know the law concerning the issues." -- S.B.

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Stress-Free Solutions to Debt Problems. Let us help.